Fitness and Wellness

Fitness and Wellness

Fitness and Wellness at New Life Addiction Rehab Islamabad

Wellness at Addiction Rehab Islamabad

Wellness & Fitness are about paying attention to an individual’s mind, body, and spiritual well-being. At Addiction Rehab Toronto, we incorporate many different programming, techniques, methods, and activities into our weekly program to allow individuals the introduction or the continuation to focus on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual contentment.

Fitness at New Life Addiction Rehab Islamabad

Fitness in Addiction Recovery is incredibly important. Fitness allows individuals to keep themselves healthy. At New Life Addiction Rehab Islamabad , maintaining a healthy lifestyle means many different things, but mainly, it’s about taking care of your physical and mental health.

What is Wellness?

Wellness is a proactive approach to an individual’s health. Looking after one’s Wellness means taking a step back, and looking around and asking: What is missing? What do I need more of? Am I taking care of my mental health? Am I happy?

An individual’s physical well-being is incredibly important in addiction recovery, but so is overall wellness. It incorporates a multitude of factors such as mental health, family, sleep, housing, employment, relationships, finances, nutrition, communication, and so much more.

Wellness helps individuals understand their own social determinants of health. The social determinants of health incorporate neighborhoods, economic stability, education, social, community, health care, housing, food, and employment. In addition, for those individuals dealing with the law or have a criminal history, our Addiction treatment programming offer addiction rehabilitation and social reintegration which offer individuals a positive sober community and focuses on mental health needs. Attending rehab can potentially lessen sentences and charges that are related to drug use and abuse.

What is Fitness?

According to many Addiction Research, exercise is an important factor in a daily routine in Addiction Recovery. Adding exercise into daily routine promotes a better quality of life, enhanced positivity, help heal the brain (from active addiction impairment) and strengthen mindfulness of the mind, body, and soul.

Fitness has a lot of benefits for individuals in Addiction Recovery:

  • Reduce Potential Health Risks
  • Enhance energy to do things we love to like, playing with kids, sports, going for walks, jogging, swimming, yoga and dancing
  • Build physical strength
  • Build muscular strength
  • Build endurance
  • Enhance flexibility
  • Learned discipline and scheduling

The Wellness Services We Offer at New Life Addiction Rehab Islamabad:

Physical Wellness

Onsite Nurses (Day & Nights)

Our health-care team provides onsite physical health check-ins during each day and night. The onsite nurses make sure each individual is safe during detox and post-detox. They offer support to allow individuals with education to prevent and decrease current and potential health risks and/or disease. The nurses will have conversations with each individual to identify key areas in life that might be affecting the physical well-being and shape client-centred programming to address these issues.

Weekly Doctor visits

During each individuals’ intake, they are provided an opportunity to meet with our doctors who are Addiction Specialists. Our doctors do weekly check-ins, helping individuals with withdrawal symptoms and supporting individuals to come off of substances. In addition, each doctor is specialized and understands the impact of medication in relation to addiction, the doctors will work with each individual to provide each recovery with the best possible approach.

Mental Wellness

Mental Wellness means taking care of your mind, and soul. It’s about focusing on mental health, mindfulness, and counselling. Through active addiction, the brain becomes impaired. A specialized Addiction treatment plan utilizes an array of programming, methods, and activities to help rewire the brain to focus on individuals mental well-being and sobriety. The Wellness treatment programming offered are:

  • One on One counselling
  • Psychotherapy
  • Mindfulness through Yoga, Reiki, Walks, Breathing Techniques, Independent Reflections, and Journaling
  • Meditation
  • Anger Management Programming
  • Stress Management Programming
  • Music Therapy


  • Fitness through our gym, walks, recreational activities,
  • And more

Emotional Wellness

For so long, individuals have been burdened with the idea that being emotional and being vulnerable means being weak, but it’s important to embrace emotions as a key part of the addiction recovery process. Wellness also means taking care of our emotional well-being. Our Addiction treatment programming provides individuals with programming, methods, and activities that promote emotions as valid and wanted. We focus on the emotional aspect of addiction recovery by offering services such as:

  • One on One Counselling
  • Psychotherapy
  • Group Therapy through weekly Programming on Relapse Prevention, Anger Management, Communications, Self-Esteem, Codependency, Values, Grief and Loss, Stages of Change, Self-Love, Loneliness, and much more
  • Music Therapy
  • Art Therapy
  • Fitness Therapy such as Yoga, Reiki, and Maui Thai
  • Onsite Therapy Do
  • Feelings Wheel
  • Journalling
  • And more.

Social Wellness

Family and Friends

It’s important to integrate family into each individual’s addiction recovery. As part of our Wellness plan, interpersonal relationships are important for positive and productive well-being. family members sit with their loved ones and a counsellor to have open and honest conversations about Addiction, Addiction Treatment, Recovery, Relapse Prevention, Support, Codependency, Healthy Boundaries, Communication, and Moving Forward in Recovery. Support System Services offered include:

  • Community Outings
  • Group Therapy
  • Sober Living
  • Family Therapy
  • Programming that focuses on: support systems, relapse prevention, situational triggers, codependency, and relationships
  • Aftercare
  • Family Support Day
  • Constant communication between Counsellor and Family members
  • Alumni Groups
  • And more.

Offering Aftercare

The Wellness program incorporates individuals’ well-being even after completing onsite treatment. We offer individuals an Aftercare program. Phase III is a 14-week outpatient program that helps prevent relapse and assist with the further development of problem-solving and coping skills required in day to day recovery. The Aftercare program allows individuals to identify their needs after their stay because the work of Addiction recovery is significantly enhanced with participation in an extended follow-up Aftercare program. Within Aftercare, individuals will work with our Addiction Specialized counsellors to continuously support through any distress on an individual’s mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well-being.

The Fitness Services Offered at New Life Addiction Rehab Islamabad :

Instructed Programs

Personal Trainer

We have onsite fitness instructors and personal trainers. Each instructor brings to Addiction Rehab Toronto in an array of fitness expertise like Kinesiology, technique, mental health, and Addiction Recovery. Each program provided below is offered on a weekly basis in our treatment plan.

Reiki originates from Japanese Buddhist Usui Miako. It is a healing and holistic technique provided to individuals to combat stress, anxiety and depression. With aspects of yoga, it offers a mental health practice based on breathing techniques and allowing the body to feel at peace. The core aspects of the practice is based on an individual’s “life-force energy” and a safe method of spiritual and natural healing. Our instructors will help activate healing within the self and channeling energy away from stressor points of the body.

“Do not worry and be filled with gratitude.” – Usui Mikao.


Mental Health issues can leave stressors on the body. This can look like tightness in the upper back, chest pains, sore legs, and headaches. Like Reiki, Yoga is offered as a practice to help individuals reduce stress, anxiety and depression in the body. With yoga mats provided, individuals can have an hour of mindfulness. Within active Addiction, our mind becomes chaotic, and Yoga allows for these negative thoughts to float away, even just for a bit. Yoga incorporates posture, poses, and breathing techniques.

Onsite Fitness Equipment


Located on the left side of our facility, is our beautiful gym. We pride ourselves in maintaining a clean and accessible gym for all individuals needing it. The gym incorporates body weights, free weights, adjustable bars, dumbbells, a cable machine, a lat pulldown, a chest press machine, a row of treadmills and TV/Radio for preferred workout music. In addition, there is an area for stretching with yoga matts.

Recreational Programming

Weekly Walks

Exercising with Addiction Rehab Toronto means offering accessible means of movement. On a weekly basis, we take walks around the block. Walking allows an individual to get outside and socialize. In addition, walking is beneficial because it increases mood, reduces stress and allows individuals to be part of nature.

Wellness and Addiction Recovery

During active addiction, an individual’s brain is becoming impaired, loving relationships can be damaged, emotions avoided, and overall harm created on an individual’s well-being. There is a need to rebuild the factors that affect an individual’s wellness. While an individual is on their Addiction recovery journey, importance lays on being attuned to our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well-being. An individual will continue to grow as a family, as friends, and importantly, as a true and honest self. We use wellness to evoke conversations and programming that emphasize physical well-being through health-care and fitness. We emphasize mental and emotional well-being through our various one-on-one counselling, mindfulness methods, and psychotherapy. We emphasize our social and spiritual well-being by allowing family, friends, and other support groups to be a part of an individual’s sobriety and addiction recovery journey.

Fitness and Addiction Recovery

Fitness is part of the Act of Living Healthy. It means taking care of yourself inside and out. It’s about keeping your body healthy. Fitness at Addiction Rehab Toronto is working toward maintaining a body that functions in everyday life. According to the Nutrition and Dietetics Complete Food and Nutrition Guide, fitness helps individuals become healthy. Fitness can allow individuals to have more energy, experience less pain, gain good nutrition, create balance digestion and can bring joy and happiness into lives.