Solution-Focused Therapy

Solution-Focused Therapy

Solution-Focused Therapy is a psychotherapeutic approach to Addiction and Mental Health treatment. It is evidence-based therapy that emphasizing self-directed, goal-oriented behaviour, and support. Alongside of positive psychology, it focuses on the client as the expert on his or her life and the therapist provides support in the plans and strategies for the client’s goals.

Solution-Focused Therapy in action focuses on addressing the changes needed within Addiction. These goals can be identifying triggers, codependency, unhealthy behaviour, family engagement, anger management, communication, self-esteem, values, and/or grief and loss.

Solution-Focused Therapy is an exploration of needs with a counsellor and the individual. It is self-directed outlook of one’s own life, and the goals needed to be placed. AtNew Life  Addiction Rehab Islamabad, we collaborate clients with a whole person-approach to individualized work, tasks and actions needed to make their goals a success. It is an approach that promotes motivation, brainstorming, and interdisciplinary action to reconcile past unhealthy behaviours, emotions, thoughts, and feelings.

Solution-Focused Therapy at Addiction Rehab Islamabad

Our clinical team of counsellors are trained in an array of therapeutic and trauma-informed practices. Our counsellors encompass many educational backgrounds from bachelor degrees (Addiction, Social Work, Psychology, Sociology, Forensic, , Health Psychology, Behavioural Sciences, and Nursing), master degrees, and certification of  Addictions counsellors.  For some, they are in recovery and understand the tribulations that come with being an Addict. For some, they have lived experienced from family and friends, and seek to support others. For some, they understand the intersections between Mental Health and Addictions. But each counsellor brings lived experience of grief, loss, abuse, trauma, codependency, anger, communication, and self-esteem – which helps them build a rapport, build trust, build understanding and promote empathy. For all, we promote a client-centred, holistic and compassionate role in Addiction Recovery – providing individuals with the tools and resources to help better understand the cycle of addiction, relapse prevention and more.

During the first session of individual therapy, the counsellor will be assessing your motivations as to why you used drugs. A counsellor will work with a client on setting goals. These goals may include getting social support, managing stress without the use of drugs, and learning various coping skills for stressful situations.

Client rapport is simple – trust and honesty. The psychotherapist/counsellor and the individual work in a trusting alliance to explore different behavioural, thoughts and feelings patterns that have been impacted by addiction, grief, loss, codependency, self-esteem or much more. Our psychotherapists/counsellor utilize an array of approaches to help individuals develop healthy coping strategies to address concerns found at the core of their addiction. These patterns could include problematic relationship themes, negative core beliefs, thought distortions, and denial.

Throughout an individual’s time in treatment, they will, with the support of their psychotherapist/counsellor identify the relationship and influence of automatic thoughts and underlying assumptions on problematic feelings and behaviours. For example, when an individual identifies these aspects they can come to a better understanding of their potential emotional, emotional and behavioural relapses triggers or cravings in the past, present, and future.

Upon completion of treatment, individuals will learn and understand thought, behavioural and feelings actions. In addition, individuals will learn to reframe inaccurate beliefs and thoughts and provide a constructive coping mechanism to feel reprieved. Each individual will have the chance to work with our psychotherapists on a one-on-one basis. Our psychotherapists/counsellors will work with individuals utilizing an integrative therapy that focuses on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, and Motivational Interviewing.

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At New Life Addiction Rehab Islamabad, we advocate a mental health stigma-free environment. We are actively involved in the conversations about Addiction, Addiction stigma and how they work together to stigmatize Mental Health. We pride ourselves in being an inclusive, safe, and non-judgmental space. We understand we only scratched the surface with Mental Health. Our Clinical Team is aware of how Mental Health can take control of our lives, as even though we may not always be able to wish it away, we will be by your side, supporting each step of Addiction Recovery and Mental Health. You are not alone and we are ready, and wanting to listen.

For information on our Solution-Focused Therapy.We’ll be happy to help you.