Motivational Interviewing

Motivational Interviewing is a type of therapeutic tool within Mental Health and Addiction therapy. It supports an individual to realize or come to own conclusions of the change needed within their life. It is designed to build inspiration for change from the heart and soul.

Motivational Interviewing is used to talk through specific unhealthy behaviours that have been negatively impacting an individuals well-being. For example: within addictions, some individuals may join treatment not fully understanding their Addiction. An individual may not believe that there is a “problem” – but in fact, the individual is choosing not to see the domino effect of consequences to the family and to the self. Motivational Interviewing finds ways for individuals to understand the behaviour, and start a process to work through the behaviour.

Motivational Interviewing at New Life Addiction Rehab Islamabad

Addiction Recovery Programming

Each member of the Clinical Team at New Life Addiction Rehab Islamabad is trained and educated on Motivational Interviewing. An individual will be guided in a non-judgemental way, to explain and discovery the behaviour and Addiction that is needed to change. It is not based on insisting on making the change, but for the individual to be provided the strength to decide for themselves which change is essential and create plans. During the sessions, individuals will engage in integrative therapy. This means our trained professionals utilize motivational therapy with cognitive behavioural therapy, dialectical behavioural therapy and many more.

Motivational interviewing helps in making the most of people’s willingness to modify their behaviour. Motivational incentives (contingency management) utilizes positive reinforcement to promote abstinence from drugs. Treatment is occasionally intensive initially, in which patients attend several inpatient sessions every week.  After finishing intensive therapy, patients transition into routine outpatient therapy, which meets less frequently and for fewer hours a week to maintain their recovery.


At New Life Addiction Rehab Islamabad, we offer onsite psychotherapists that utilize an integrative therapy plan specified for each individual during their time in treatment. A psychotherapist, with motivational interviewing, will help an individual investigate symptoms of anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, co-dependency, low self-esteem and stress that cause alcohol abuse, substance abuse, and other addictive behaviours. A psychotherapist will support an individual in the process of understanding Addiction, and the Addictive behavioural changes we want to make in their lives.

One-on-One Counselling

Primary and our Clinical teams support an individual on creating a comprehensive treatment plan. With the tool of Motivational Interviewing therapy, an individual will do a self-exploration from a bio-psycho-social perspective, which is often neglected in active addiction. Within individual sessions, the individual is given the opportunity to express and understand their emotions and cognitions as they relate to their recovery.


For example, within our Motivational Interviewing counselling one-on-ones and psychotherapist sessions, an individual will have the ability to comes to terms of how alcohol, substance abuse or addiction behaviours have impacted their lives and others. As a client-centred holistic approach, we allow space for the individual to come to this self-discovery and be a support system in creating an action plan.

Motivational Interviewing Process

An example of Motivational Interviewing used in Addiction Recovery treatment, includes: 

Engaging: An individual and a Primary Counsellor/Psychotherapist create a rapport and a relationship. The Counsellor/Psychotherapist develop an autobiographical and timeline on the development and the effects of Addiction. This is the moment when confidentiality is discussed and trust is beginning to build.

Focusing: An individual develops goals within their Addiction Recovery.

Evoking: An individual must self-discovery what their individual goals are and why they want to make these goals. For example: What is an individual’s desire to change? Is it for the self? Is it for the family? A Counsellor/Psychotherapist will utilize language to help an individual with growth and change.
Planning: An individual and/or Primary/Psychotherapist will develop action plans to practice and implement to change behaviours. For example, each individual before completing their treatment at New Life Addiciton Rehab Islamabad is given an exit plan which incorporates daily routine schedules and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy action plans for thoughts, feelings, and behaviours.

The most important part of Motivational Interviewing is that it is the individual-focused process of change. At New Life Addiction Rehab Islamabad, we strive ourselves on being client-centred which makes this therapeutic tool very useful because ultimately, it is the individual thinking of the behaviour and deciding what to do with the behaviour.