Programs Encompassing Relapse Prevention

Every addiction involves both psychological as well as physical parameters to be considered and managed in a properly advised treatment plan for significant recovery and avoiding the episodes of relapse.

Efforts of detox regarding the physical areas of drug addiction are primarily concerned with drug addiction recovery but in order to avoid recurrence the emotional and behavioral areas also required to be resolved amicably. An American research from the journal of psychiatrist clinics in North America states that the abstinence rate may be increased with the use of CBT methods therefore we provide cognitive behavioral therapy as a unique and effective tool for enabling the treatment methods sustainably. In order to make individuals self-sufficient and cope with the potential stressful circumstances that may appear in future the offer behavioral therapies for this cause. CBT enhances the way an individual links thoughts to actions and therapy can change the negative thought patterns therefore altering the course of behaviour in a positive way.

The most common Trigger for recurrence and relapse is stress. Using and internal stress factors in order to avoid future relapse. CPT have shown and individuals neural biological circuits in the brain the studies suggest in the psychiatrist times journal. Anxiety, continuous mood swings and one or other form of depression are the most appearing side effects of drug addiction and withdrawal in these cases CBT can help to ease out these symptoms by explaining the methodologies to cope with them.