Methamphetamine ( ICE) Addiction

Methamphetamine ( ICE) Addiction

Methamphetamine is illicit recreational drug, which is highly addictive and a strong stimulant for our central nervous system. It is the form of amphetamine and second line treatment for Attention deficit hyperactivity (ADHD) and obesity but this treatment is less common and banned in many countries. Methamphetamine is use to get instant euphoric effect because it increase the level of naturally occurring chemicals in brain dopamine and norepinephrine. Methamphetamine also known as ice, blue, crystal and meth; it is odorless and looks like crystal like powder or colorless crystal but also available in other colors. Route of administration of methamphetamine is snorting (sniffed through nose), injecting (intravenous), or smoking.

Effect of methamphetamine depends on route of administration, person’s physical health and dose of drug, but if it snorted, it can produce immediate high effects.

Physical Effects of Methamphetamine:

  • Palpitations, Tachycardia
  • Hyperventilation
  • Restlessness, shaking
  • Sleeping Problems
  • Headache, dizziness
  • Sweating, teeth grinding

Psychological Effects of Methamphetamine:

  • Confident and enthusiastic
  • Sense of wellbeing & euphoria
  • Alert and energetic
  • Sexually aroused
  • Anxious and on edge
  • Agitation and irritability
  • Grandiosity and aggressive
  • Develop Psychosis (hallucination, Paranoia)
  • Concentration problems and Memory loss
  • High risk of dependence

What are the Dangers of Methamphetamine Addiction?

If a person abuses methamphetamine most often for a longer period, he has many negative consequences on his mental and physical health:

  • Tolerance and dependence of methamphetamine
  • Molecular and functional changes in brain
  • Weak immune system (addict become more vulnerable to infectious diseases)
  • Significant anxiety, mood disturbance
  • Insomnia, violent behavior
  • Develop Psychosis
  • Methamphetamine causes severe distress in Social, Occupational and family life.

Route of administration of methamphetamine can cause problems such as:

  • Snorting meth leads to nasal damage, nose bleeding and sinus problems.
  • Injecting with unsterile equipment increase the risk to develop HIV, Hepatitis B,C, and Septicemia (blood Stream infection) and Skin Abscess ( Boils with pus).

Overdose of Methamphetamine:

  • Psychosis for shorter period
  • Bleeding in Brain
  • Heart Attack
  • Death( rarely)
  • High fever

Tolerance and dependence:

When a person uses methamphetamine on regular basis, he can develop tolerance that means he required more amount of drug to produce same effects when the person first used it.
However, dependence is adaptive state of body by continuous use of methamphetamine, which results withdrawal symptoms when individual discontinue the drug.

Withdrawal Symptoms:

Methamphetamine addict may begin to experience initial withdrawal symptoms in first 24 hours after last dose. Generally, withdrawal symptoms depend upon how long and how much methamphetamine has been using. People with longer use of methamphetamine and old age have worse and intense withdrawal symptoms. The first phase of withdrawal symptoms is more intense which appear within first 24 hours after last dose which intensity gradually decreases over the next week. Second phase is sub-acute phase that lasting for another couple of weeks.

  • Body aches & Stomach cramps
  • Restlessness & agitation
  • Angry & Anxious
  • Depression & anxiety
  • Drug craving
  • Hot and cold flushes
  • Sleeping problems & Tiredness

Treatment available for Methamphetamine Addiction:

Methamphetamine addicts are advice for immediate inpatient rehabilitation program because its withdrawal symptoms can be severe and dangerous and they need 24 hours medical supervision.
We, at Islamabad Rehabilitation center provides comprehensive course of detoxification, which involves purification of methamphetamine from patient’s body and regulating the body to function normal without methamphetamine.
Our holistic Treatment program includes addressing and treating the psychological damage cause by abuse of methamphetamine, giving him rehabilitation of mind and body by our professional psychiatrist, psychologists, and addiction counselors. We implement effective behavioral interventions, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational enhancement therapy, individual and group counseling, recreational activities relapse prevention. Our aim of rehabilitation of long term sobriety and make the individual to function normal in everyday life without consumption of methamphetamine.

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