One-no-One Counseling

One-no-One Counseling
Counseling is form of talking therapy; goal of counseling is identify the cause of behavior and to implement the changes that will help prevent a relapse going forward.  Counseling based on trust relationship between individual and counselor, very helpful for those who are struggling with addiction and want to change their life.
One-on-One Counseling at The New Life Rehab and Psychiatric Center:
We have highly trained and educated counselors, who are passionate in supporting individuals facing the struggle of addiction. For the most part, our counselors trained in array of therapeutic and trauma-informed practices.  Our counselor’s team is specialized in one-on-counseling programs in addiction recovery, with additional family and group counseling programs.  For all, The New Life Rehab and Psychiatric Center promote holistic, compassionate and client-centered approach in addiction recovery program and providing individuals with the tools to better understand the cycle of addiction, relapse prevention. Individual one-on-one counseling held three times per week along with sessions with psychotherapists.
Each individual has an initial meeting with our counselor, who takes his comprehensive drug history and device a specific treatment plan for each client, began to work through their challenges of addiction and addictive behaviors.
The first one-on-one counseling session utilize to build rapport and trust with individual and gaining better understanding of underlying issues, which lead to addiction.  In next sessions, the counselor work with collaboration with psychologist and psychiatrist to create a comprehensive addiction treatment plan. Within individual one-on-one counseling sessions, we always work on bio-psycho-social model, which helps the individual in self-exploration, an opportunity to express and understand their emotions and cognations.
At The New Life Rehab Center Islamabad and Psychiatric center counselor are educated in trauma-informed human work and analyze the problems and challenges of the individual that has led to addiction.
Counselor and psychotherapist thoroughly evaluate the patient then they make a specialized treatment plan. A counselor helps in exploring the stressors, which are causing them, stress, grief, anxiety, depression and addiction.
Our counselor helps the individual to identification of those situations that are causing addiction and those thoughts and emotions that could have motivated it. A counselor will help in better understanding of self and in self-growth and development.
Other benefits of one-on-one counseling:

  • Strengthening self-worth
  • Stress management skills
  • Teach how to handle the triggers
  • Strengthen skills for relapse prevention
  • Helps in mending broken relationship because of addiction
  • Encourage the individual to committed with treatment

The role of counselor is to guide the individual and help them to live according to values and resources that they need to live drug free life. Both individual and counselor collaborate and work together in developing effective treatment plan and promote changes in thoughts, feelings and behavior. Motivational interviewing is client centered therapy that can be used with counseling is to enable the person in making healthier decisions and not being coerced them through shamming and guilt.
Motivational interviewing will be more effective if the following are met:

  • If the individual and counselor collaborate with each other, counselor works on understanding their perception instead of challenging them.
  • If the individual can find it within himself to set goals and commitments toward his treatment for long term.
  • If the individual become responsible for their addiction and make his own decisThroughout the counseling process, the counselor is empathetic in managing resistance from the individual and help in realizing differences of what they desire and what they have been doing.ions.

Benefits of One-on-One Counseling:

  • Through counseling we can identified those problems that led to addiction, then there is bigger chance for recovery from addiction.
  • Addiction counselor helps the client to become more aware of their problems and decisions.
  • Its helps in identifying the stressors and triggers of addiction and teach skills for relapse preventions.

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